Legal Education

Some good sources of help and information on legal systems are found with different sites which are increasingly specialised, and for example would include this resource for personal injury. If you need more generalised legal and business resources and information, a good law blog is invaluable and there re quite a few around where different topics are dealt with by different contributors, although it;s always worth checking out who the author is, since a good blog post will usually have a link back to the person or law firm site which has contributed the article or tips in question.

As described above, if you are looking to educate yourself in law, there is the balance between sites which are very specialised in areas like health and safety but which are also written in a plain English style, often with a summary or in a question and answer format. This is a big change ion legal education for the lay person in that lawyers now need to accept that it is all very well being a great lawyer, but the client or person interested or needing to know about a topic need the basics in an understandable way. If you “lose” the audience then you have lost a prospective interested client, so it is always important to approach every topic as if you are a layperson, who doesn’t understand the law or issue in question.