Family law

Quick easy divorce

Many will say, with some justification, that there is no such thing as a quick divorce or an easy divorce, due to the inherent emotional and other turmoil involved.

When people use the term quick easy divorce what they really mean is a comparatively quick and easy divorce. This means in simply processing the paperwork fast in circumstances which are uncomplicated and particularly where both parties consent and where there are either no children or difficult financial issues.

In these circumstances, many solicitors offer a fixed fee service which is affordable and which takes the stress off the parties. Notwithstanding this is reasonably straightforward many individuals prefer to have the process dealt with by divorce solicitors and we would always recommend you locate and instruct a specialist divorce solicitor rather than a generalist.

The cost for these types of divorces is commonly around £750.00 plus vat but as stated above, the work does not generally involve financial matters or custody or other children issues.

In terms of speed, there is no such thing as an ultra quick divorce taking only weeks. this is because there is a 2 stage approach and there has to be a delay between the first stage (decree nisi) and the financial stage (decree absolute). A typical uncomplicated and uncontested divorce will still take 6 months.