2 forged wills

The amazing story of 2 forged wills

This story surround a situation where a wealthy businessman died suddenly without leaving a will, but leaving an estranged wife and mistress.

The individual, Chris John, was in the process of getting divorced, but as this had not been finalised, in theory his wife would have been the principal beneficiary under the intestacy rules.

This of course is a sad story, but there are some comical aspects. It appears that the forged will allegedly created by the mistress twice got the name of Mr John’s 15-year-old daughter wrong. Mr John’s daughter told the court that her father had told her he had made no will but after he died she knew people were looking for it.

The wife has admitted her forgery and apparently has received a police caution but the mistress is denying forging a will and the case is currently ongoing.

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